Ruida Wireless Operating Remote BWK301R


Ruida Wireless Operating Remote BWK301R

For RDC644XX Control Card

119,00 €


Technical Parameters:

1. The wireless communication range is 40 meters;

2. Standby time is greater than 1 month;

3. High-speed wireless communication;

The wireless handle BWK301R uses the handle to establish wireless communication with the receiver, so that users can control the motherboard through the wireless handle within a certain range (40m) to control the cutting machine stably and reliably. It is convenient for users to debug and control the machine, which improves work efficiency and facilitates reliable communication. It works in parallel with the operation panel of the controller without interference and conflict with each other.

Function description:

1. Control the start and stop of the cutting process;

2. Control the reset of the motherboard;

3. Follow on / off, blow on / off, shutter on / off, auxiliary gas on / off, fast / slow speed, etc.

4. Spot shooting, positioning, border, back-to-stop, cancel and other operations;

5. Control the movement of 4 axes: X, Y, Z, U;

6, connection instructions, power instructions and status display;

7. The transmitter and receiver are paired one to one without interference;


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