YASKAWA Sigma-7 Rotary Servo Motors 750W SGM7G-08AFC61(X,Y aixs)


Voltage: Three-phase, 200 V

Model : SGM7G-08A

Without servo holding break (for X,Y axis)

Rated Output: 0.75 kW

499,00 €
Nur noch wenige Teile verfügbar


YASKAWA Sigma-7 Rotary Servo Motors / SGM7G :

The increased power demands of large automation components utilize the robust performance of SGM7G. These servo motors are built with a compact footprint, yet provide a higher torque while maintaining an inertia rating well within the medium range. Rated torques in the SGM7G family range up to 95.2 N-m (840 in-lb). SGM7G delivers a rated speed of 1500 rpm, delivering a rapid and consistent throughput over a wide power range. 24-bit encoder resolution maintains industry-leading positional accuracy across the power spectrum.


24-bit encoder resolution

More compact in size than most motors in its class

Completely compatible with Sigma-7 servos

Neodymium iron boron permanent magnets with a high flux density reduce rotor size

Advanced magnetic circuitry and optimum winding geometry deliver very low cogging torque

Safety rated at  SIL 3 (IEC 61508)

IP67 rated for resistance to dust, water washdown

Peak acceleration torque up to 300% of rated torque

Peak torque can be maintained for up to three seconds

Rated speed of 3,000 rpm, max speed of 6,000 rpm

Functions in temperatures above 60oC, altitudes above 2000 ft.

Runs 20% cooler than previous generation products

Holding Brake and Shaft Seal options available


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