Delta AC Servo Motor 220V 750W 2.39NM 3000rpm with Brake ECMA-C10807SS

  • AC Voltage: 220V
  • Output power : 750W
  • Rated torque : 2.39NM 
  • Rated speed : 3000 RPM 
  • Oil Seal, With Brake
  • Low Inertia, Keyway w/Tap, INC 20 Bit
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ECMA series servo motors are permanent AC servo motors, capable of combining with: 200 to 230V ASDA-A2 220V series AC servo drives from 100W to 15kW and 380V to 480V ASDA-A2 400V series AC servo drives from 750W to 7.5kW.

For the 220V series, there are eight frame sizes available: 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 86mm, 100mm, 130mm, 180mm, and 200mm. Motor speeds are from 1000 r/min to 5000 r/min. Torque output is from 1.92 N-m to 224 N-m.

For the 400V series, there are four frame sizes: 80mm, 130mm, 180mm, and 200mm. Motor speeds are from 1500 r/min to 5000 r/min. Torque output is from 2.39 N-m to 119.36 N-m. In terms of optional configurations, the ECMA series provides a brake and oil seals to fully support our customers' needs. It also offers two different shaft selections, round shaft and keyways, for various applications.

Motor Specifications

Model ECMA-C10807SS
Corresponding Servo Motor  ASD-A2-0721-L
Servo Type AC Servo
Rated Voltage 220V
Encoder Type incremental type, 20-bit
Motor Frame Size 80 mm
Type of Shaft Diameter and Oil Seal Keyway(with fixed screw holes) with Brake with Oil Seal
Standard Shaft Diameter S=19mm
Rated Power Output 750W
Rated torque (N-m)*1 2.39
Max. torque (N-m) 7.16
Rated Speed 3000 rpm
Max. speed 5000 rpm
Rated current (A) 5.10 A
Max. instantaneous current (A) 15.3 A
Power rating (kW/s) 50.4
Rotor inertia  (× 10-4kg.m2) 1.13
Mechanical constant (ms) 0.63
Torque constant-KT (N-m/A) 0.47
Voltage constant-KE (mV/(r/min)) 17.2
Armature resistance (Ohm) 0.42
Armature inductance (mH) 3.53
Electric constant (ms) 8.36
Insulation class Class A (UL), Class B (CE)
Insulation resistance > 100 M ohm , DC 500 V
Insulation strength 1.8k Vac, 1 sec
Weight (kg)  (with brake) 3.8 Kg
Radial max. loading (N) 245
Axial max. loading (N) 98
Power rating (kW/s) (with brake) 48.4
Rotor inertia  (× 10-4kg.m2) (with brake) 1.18
Mechanical constant (ms) (with brake) 0.65
Brake holding torque [Nt-m (min)] 2.5
Brake power consumption(at 20  °C ) [W] 8.2
Brake release time [ms (Max)] 10 
Brake pull-in time [ms (Max)] 70
Vibration grade (μm) 15
Operating temperature 0~40  degree centigrade
Storage temperature -10~80  degree centigrade
Operating humidity 20% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Storage humidity 20% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Vibration capacity 2.5G
IP Rating IP65
Approvals CE  UL
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Artikel-Nr.: ASD-A2-0721-L-750W

Marke: Delta

Delta AC Servo Drive 750W 220V ASD-A2-0721-L

We also supply ASD-A2-0721-M,ASD-A2-0721-F and ASD-A2-0721-E,if you need other modles, please contact us. All of Delta's ASDA-A2 Series meet UL, cUL, CE, and RoHS standards.

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