Automatic Tool Length Sensor/Tool Setter Normal Open (NO)


Normally open function

Stroke Protection function and bowing function

Fully sealed desgin, water & dust proof, long lasting

Automatic detection of tool breakage 

Automatic tool wear compensation

Fixed positon or moveable on CNC machine

59,90 €


Automatic tool measuring sensor / tool setter normal open (NO)

Output mode: A: NO (normally open)

Stroke: 5mm

Pre-trip: almost zero

Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.001mm (operation speed: 50-200mm/min)

Protection structure: IP67

Contact force: 1.5N

Contact material: hard alloy

Shell material: grinding 4S

Cable: 3mts (4 core cable Dia5) tensile strength 30N / Minimum bending radius R7

Protection tube: 1M (Minimum bending radius R25)

LED light: OFF under normally open work

Life: 3000000 times

Stroke exceeding alarm : Normally closed (distance measurement signal about 2.5mm) 

Outpoint rating DC24V 100mA (MAX) Recommended value 10mA (resistive load)


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