Touch probe 3D Measuring sensor – 3D Finder


MADE IN Switzerland

3D finder / touch probe assisting for milling un-even surface

Used for measuring workpiece geometries such as edges, holes, grooves, studs, angles and corners.

This probe has been developed for high measurement precisionand high repeatability.

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Tehnical Data  3D-finder Touch probe
Sensing directions: ±X; ± Y;  - Z
Max. Stylus overtravel: XY = 12°; Z = 5mm
Trigger force: XY = 0.5 - 1N; Z = 2.,5N 
Repeatability (unidirectional): 1 µm with 30 mm Stylus and
max. 200 mm/min probing feed rate
Output function: electronic high-speed switch as normally closed contact
Switching current: max. 30 mA
Functional notification: switching point notification by LED
Operating voltage: 12 – 24V DC
Cable length: 1 Meter (without connector)
Enclosure: stainless steel
Tool holder: with alignment function and 8mm cylindrical shaft
Stylus: Stylus with 2 mm ruby ball (included)
Dimensions (without holder): (D) 40mm, (H) 27mm
4-wire cable: brown = + 12V to 24VDC   
blue =  0V (GND) green
white = switch

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