Reference: ER32-4


DIN 6499B / ISO 15488 Precision ER32 Collets Runout TIR 0.008mm

Size - 4.0, Clamping range - 4.0 – 3.0mm Size - 6.0, Clamping range - 6.0 – 5.0mm Size - 8.0, Clamping range - 8.0 – 7.0mm Size - 10.0, Clamping range - 11.0 – 10.0mm Size - 12.0, Clamping range - 12.0 – 11.0mm Size - 1/8", Clamping range - 0.125 – 0.1154 inch Size - 1/2'', Clamping range - 0.461 – 0.500 inch Precision ER32 Collets Run out TIR 8μm...

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Reference: ISO30-ER32-50L


ISO30 Tool holder/Collet Chuck ER32 HSD/HITECO

ISO30 Tool Holder Overall Rust-proof Model Collet Size ER32 UM, Pull Stud Inclu. Gage length : 50mm (1.97 inches) Balance Grade: G2.5 @ 30000 rpm Clamping jump accuracy: ≤ 0.008 Roundness : 0.8um Precision of ontology: < 0.003mm Carburized depth:> 0.8mm Material: 20CrMnTi Hardness: >HRC58~62 Vacuum quenching/integrally-formed/overall surface rust-proof...

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Reference: UMWER25


UM Type Collet Wrench ER16/20/25/32/40

Spindle Wrench UM Type ER wrench ER16 ER20 ER25 ER32 ER40 Collet Chuck Spanner Made from 5mm thick high quality alloy steel Short length handle ensures collet nut is not overtightened Works on Hex style collet nuts

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Reference: KB045080156007D


Drag blade, Dual Blades, Knife Blade ZUND Z13

Knife Blade Type Z13 Max. cutting depth: 6.9 mm ANGLE : 60° KNIFE HEIGHT : 50,00 mm THICKNESS : 1,50 mm MAX. CUTTING DEPTH : 6,90 mm KNIFE TYPE : Drag blade, Flat Applicable to cut :  Canvas, Cardboard, Foil, Footwear materials, Gasket materials, Hard foam, Hard plastic, Magnetic foil, Paper, Plastic, Polycarbonate, Polyester fabric, PVC, Self-adhesive...

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Reference: AirTac_4V21008B

Brand: AirTAC

AirTac Solenoid Valve PT 1/4" 4V210-08B DC24V

Type: 2 Position 5 Way;  DC24V(4V210-08B) Inlet = Outlet = PT 1/4" Exhaust = 1/8" Fluid : Air, Water, Gas Operating Pressure: 0.15 - 0.8Mpa Package Content: 1 x Solenoid Valve

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Automatic Tool Length Sensor/Tool Setter (NC) with air blowing port


With air blowing port

Normally Closed function NC

Stroke Protection function and bowing function

Fully sealed desgin, water & dust proof, long lasting

Automatic detection of tool breakage 

Automatic tool wear compensation

Fixed positon or moveable on CNC machine

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Automatic tool measuring sensor / tool setter normal open (NC)


Output mode: NC (normally closed)

Pre-trip: almost zero

Stroke: 5mm

Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.001mm (working speed: 50-200mm/min)

Life: 3000000 times

Contact force: 1.5N

Shell grinding: 4S

Protection level: IP67

Cutter diameter: 20mm

Material: Hard alloy.

Out of specification: NC (normally closed), distance signal is about 5mm

Impact level: DC24V 20mA (MAX) 10mA (resistive load)

Installation Notes:

1. The pillar and the tool setting device must be perpendicular to the contact surface and perpendicular to the contact surface. Please install them on a workbench with small iron filings as much as possible.

2. Make sure to use the voltage within the rated power supply range, please control DC10-30V, the current is less than 20mA, and the ambient temperature range is -25°C-70°C. 3. Please control the tool diameter to be less than 20mm, and the cutting speed to be less than 50-200mm/min. The center of the tool should fall on the center of the tool face. 

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