Reference: ER32-4


DIN 6499B / ISO 15488 Precision ER32 Collets Runout TIR 0.008mm

Size - 4.0, Clamping range - 4.0 – 3.0mm Size - 6.0, Clamping range - 6.0 – 5.0mm Size - 8.0, Clamping range - 8.0 – 7.0mm Size - 10.0, Clamping range - 11.0 – 10.0mm Size - 12.0, Clamping range - 12.0 – 11.0mm Size - 16.0, Clamping range - 16.0 – 15.0mm Size - 1/8", Clamping range - 0.125 – 0.1154 inch Size - 1/2'', Clamping range - 0.461 – 0.500...

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Reference: HSK63F-ER32-70L


HSK63F Tool Holder/Collet Chuck ER32 DIN69893 Gage length 70mm

HSK63F Tool Holder Overall Rust-proof  Model HSK63F-ER32-70L Standard:DIN69893 Collet Size:ER32 Gage length : 70mm (1.97 inches) Balance:G2.5 @ 30000 rpm Clamping jump accuracy: ≤ 0.008 Roundness : <0.8um Precision of ontology: < 0.003mm Carburized depth:> 0.8mm Product material:20 CrMnTi Hardness:HRC58-62 Vacuum quenching/integrally-formed/overall...

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Reference: ISO30-ER32-50L


ISO30 Tool holder/Collet Chuck ER32 HSD/HITECO

ISO30 Tool Holder Overall Rust-proof Model Collet Size ER32 UM, Pull Stud Inclu. Gage length : 50mm (1.97 inches) Balance Grade: G2.5 @ 30000 rpm Clamping jump accuracy: ≤ 0.008 Roundness : 0.8um Precision of ontology: < 0.003mm Carburized depth:> 0.8mm Material: 20CrMnTi Hardness: >HRC58~62 Vacuum quenching/integrally-formed/overall surface rust-proof...

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Reference: MSP01


Mist Coolant Lubrication Cooling Sprayer 300mm

Mist Coolant Lubrication Cooling Sprayer Spray Port Material: Brass Nozzle Inner Diameter: 2.12mm Universal Joint Length: Approx. 300mm / 11.8in Water Inlet: Diameter 8mm Air Inlet: Diameter4mm The air consumption of the intake air can be adjusted freely Package List: 1 x Mist Coolant Lubrication Cooling Sprayer 1 x Water Pipe

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Reference: AirTac_4V21008B

Brand: AirTAC

AirTac Solenoid Valve PT 1/4" 4V210-08B DC24V

Type: 2 Position 5 Way;  DC24V(4V210-08B) Inlet = Outlet = PT 1/4" Exhaust = 1/8" Fluid : Air, Water, Gas Operating Pressure: 0.15 - 0.8Mpa Package Content: 1 x Solenoid Valve

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Reference: UMWER25


UM Type Collet Wrench ER16/20/25/32/40

Spindle Wrench UM Type ER wrenchER16 ER20 ER25 ER32 ER40 Collet Chuck SpannerMade from 5mm thick carbon steelShort length handle ensures collet nut is not overtightenedWorks on Hex style collet nuts

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CNC720 Eding CNC 4 Axis Controller Kits

CNC720 Control Card incl. software license *1
CNC720 BreakOut Board for CNC720 *1
CNC720 DIN Rail for PCB Support *1
Original EdingCNC Network cross-cable double shielded 10 feet / 3m *1

This pack contains

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CNC720 4-Axis Ethernet 400kHz Modbus-RTU 24V

The CNC720 CNC controller is a 4-axis controller with a maximum step frequency of 400 kHz. This controller can be used and configured entirely via Ethernet. In addition, it has a Modbus-RTU interface through which it is possible to expand its functionality.

It is powered by 24V making it simple to integrate into an industrial environment in which 24V is common. Also, almost all inputs are also suitable for 24V, whereby it is also possible to configure some inputs for an NPN or PNP application.

The controllers features an E-STOP input that switches off hardware outputs through hardware in the event of an E-STOP situation, giving it extra safety*. And finally, the CNC7xx series has the unique ability to control the PWM output during the movement of the axis, making it especially useful for laser applications.

The board features 2 standard boxheaders (IDC) giving the possibility to simply connect the board to custom boards. For easy connecting wires a separate breakout board exists. And for quick installation a custom  DIN rail enclosure is available.


- 4x step/direction/enable/enable open collector (400 kHz)

- AUX (open collector)

- PWM (open collector) / 0-10V

- System ready

- No E-STOP (open collector)

- Tool

- 2x Cool

- Run

- Pause

- Charge pump

- RS485 (Modbus RT)


Handwheel (A/B)

2x Analogue

4x Home


Probe / Tool sensor

Spindle sensor


Power: 24VDC

Dimensions: 100 x 107mm

4x axis controller interface Pulse/Direction 5V (max. 400kHz)
Enable 5V
Alarm Max. 24V (PNP or NPN)
4x digital HOME inputs Max. 24V (PNP or NPN)
1x digital outputs (AUX) Open collector (max. 24V)
1x Alarm input Max. 24V (PNP or NPN)
2x Analog inputs 0-3.3v (12 bits)
1x Analog outputs 0-10V
2x Cooling outputs Open collector (max. 24V)
1x PWM outputs Open collector (max. 24V)
Safety relay I/O Output System Ready Output for safety relay (Watchdog) Open Collector
Input External Error Max. 24V (PNP or NPN)
Input E-Stop  
1x Length detection input (Probe) Max. 24V (PNP or NPN)
1x Spindle encoder input 5V input
1x RS485 interface RS485, MODBUS compatible (for connecting extra I/O or functionality, cable length up to 20m)
Handwheel interface (Pendant) 2x digital input 5V
  2x MPG input 5V
  2x analog input 0-3.3V
Interface 100Mbit Ethernet
Power Supply 24VDC
Dimension 100x107mm (suitable for DIN rail mounting)
Others Firmware upgradable through network connection
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