RuiDaCNC Oscillating Knife Cutting Control System with CCD camera


RDD6584V-NET is a cutting controller with cutting edge following control function. It integrates the processing of vibrating cutters, circular cutters, milling cutters, rollers and other tools, and also integrates feeding and circular punching. V-shaped punching, brush processing, red light positioning and other functions.

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Technical Parameters:

1, 8-way motor interface output maximum 400KHZ frequency; drive capacity 20mA, differential interface;

2. On-board 256M non-releasable memory;

3. The maximum USB transfer rate is 12M and the longest distance is 5 meters;

4. The maximum transmission rate of the network cable is 100M, and the maximum transmission distance is 200M;

5. Linear / circular / B-spline interpolation accuracy +/- 0.5 pulse;

6. 28 general-purpose opto-isolated oc-gate outputs, with a maximum driving capacity of 300mA (with freewheel protection), can directly drive 24v / 5v DC relays;

7, 32 universal photoelectric isolation inputs, compatible with 5v / 12v / 24v logic levels;

This controller supports single XY axis processing mode and independent dual XY asynchronous processing working mode, and at the same time supports dual tool heads with dual heads shifting. In addition to being compatible with all the functions of RDD6584G, this controller also supports MARK point visual edge finding cutting.

The controller has a step / servo driver control interface for up to 8 axes, with 16 limit inputs, 16 dedicated / universal inputs, and 28 general outputs. It also has USB2.0 and 10 / 100M network communication and U disk file copy function. It can work in online and offline mode, while reserved external expansion device interconnection communication interface.

The controller is equipped with a 7-inch industrial touch screen. The human-machine interface is intuitive and powerful, and easy to operate.

Function description:

1. Support up to 8 servo / stepper motor control;

2. Supports up to 2 expansion serial ports, which can communicate with EPLC-400, wireless handheld devices (BWK201R, BWK301R), and other devices with RS232 standard interface

3. Supports up to 28 OC gate outputs, which can directly drive 5V / 24 relays, and the controller has a built-in buzzer + tri-color light control output;

4. Support mobile APP;

5. Support single head type / multi-belt type 2-head electric mutual shift control;

6. Support double-head asynchronous processing;

7. Support projection cutting processing method;

8. Support the mixed processing of processing tools such as vibrating knife, pressing wheel, milling cutter, punching, brush, etc

9, 8-axis card, multiple input and output to facilitate custom function development;

10. Standard MARK points and custom MARK points for visual edge finding and cutting;

Product Details
User's Manual of RDD6584G

User's Manual of RDD6584G Control System V1.3

Download (4.09M)
User's Manual of VCutWorks

RDD6584 User's Manual of VCutWorks

Download (7.14M)


Download (72.52M)

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