Tangential Cutting Module ECOCAM TCM-4 MADE IN GERMANY


Fixed non-oscillating blade mount for cutting thin soft materials

Adjustable pressing force 

CNC-machined housing by aluminum alloy

Opto-electronic, contact-less detection of the blade position

Compatibility with equipment from different manufacturers

43mm neck for easy attachment to spindle holders

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The TCM-4 is tangential knife which is similar to EOT-3, but the knife is fixed that doesn't have oscillate up and down function, and it can still realize accuracte rotation of the blade in each direction of cutting. TCM-4 Knife is more suitable to thin materials.


Foils, adhesive films, flock materials, paper and more

Technical reference:

Supply voltage of the control electronics: 12V DC

Motor: stepper motor

Sleeve diameter: 43mm Euro neck

Blade adjustment: Fixation on Weldon surface on the blade shaft

Rotation: 360 degrees

Sliding shoe: PTFE sliding element bearing different diameters

Connectors: D-SUB 25-pin connector

Measurements: about 86 x 58 x 220mm

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