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XYZCAM V4030T 1.5KW SPIN & D80mm Rotary Axis included


Portable, table-top CNC engraver

X, Y, Z effective stroke 400x300x100mm

800W, 1.5KW, 2.2KW Routing Spindle optional

Fully equipped product, plug and play

MACH3 control & Pulse Handwheel MPG 

Industrial controlling PC included

This pack contains




Model V4030T
Voltage 220V,50Hz 
Table size 540x400mm
X/Y/Z Travel 400x300x100mm
Spindle motor Water cooling:800W Water cooling: 1.5KW Water cooling:2.2KW
Spindle speed 24000RPM
Spring chuck ER11 1-7mm chuck  ER11 1-7mm chuck ER20 1-13mm chuck
Transmission 1605 ball screw (TBI brand)
Guidance X, Y: 20 Chrome-Plated Hardened Rods
Z:12 Chrome-Plated Hardened Rod
Driving mode Stepper motor & driver 57 type 3A 
Control system WINDOWS based MACH3 control (English)
Industrial PC 1 set
Limited switch Total six limited switch
Positioning precision 0.02-0.05mm
Repeat ability precision 0.01-0.02mm
Machining speed 0-3500mm/min
Machine weight 60kg
Machine size 695x585x636mm

Features : 

1. Seamless one piece structure

Stable, free of mantiaince, long lasting. 

2. Original made-in Taiwan TBI ball screw Leading 

Reliable and mature component, long lasting, ensures precision leading on each axis for accurate feedrate.  

3. Accurate sensor encoder control

Each motor has its own magnetic encoder, the user could change the position of limit sensor by adjusting the encoders manually. The motion position of motors will be recorded by encoders in real time, in this way the machine owes more accurate and stable motion control, and no need to worry about the interference from dust, sewage on sensors. 

4. Stable and powerful motoring

The motors are staying in cool state which is benefit from its aluminum alloy heat radiator, the motion is more stable and faster with X, Y axis 4000mm/min running speed and 3500mm/min on Z, the machine is capable to handle volume-production as well as offering a high efficiency. 

5. Easy to get started 

Mach3 control with user friendly operation surface and Pulse Handwheel MPG , real-time synchronization of coordinate, fluent execution of operations.

6. Industrial PC

14in accurate touch response screen, CPU Interl Bay Trail J1800 Core 2 2.41, WIN 7/32bits, 2G mem & 32GB ssd disc

7. Integrated industrial control cabinet

Quite standard electrical components, over 10 years development and optimization, the electrical parts on this machine is very stable and mature. 

8. Circulating Water cooling system

Clean circulation and efficiency, to keep the machine stable under long hours of work non-stop

Packing List : 

V3040T CNC Router --1 set

Control Cabinet -- 1 set

Pulse Handwheel MPG  -- 1 set

Industrial PC & keyboard -- 1 set

Standard Acces:

User Manual 1pc

User Tutorial Videos CD 1pc

Out factory inspectation report 1pc

Coolant liquid 1pc

Collects 6MM-1pc/3.175mm-1pc

Cutting Bits 1 set :

30°0.2 Cutter 2pcs

3.0 Corn teeth & mill 1pc

2.0 Corn teeth & mill 1pc

PCB mill 1pc

T slot clamper 4pcs

Wrench 2pcs

Power Cable 1pc

USB cable 1pc

Parallel cable 1pc

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