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Reference: PNOZ-X2.1-24VAC/DC-2N/0

Pilz Safety Relay E-stop Relay PNOZ-X2.1-24VAC/DC-2N/0

Pilz Safety Relay 6A 24VAC 2VA 24VDC 2W 2 N.O. Safety relay (standalone) Inputs: 1- / 2-channel wiring with detection of shorts across contacts Outputs: 2 N/O. Automatic/manual start UB 24 V AC/DC, width: 22.5 mm, integral screw terminals, Monitoring E-STOP, safety gates.

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Reference: ELP-USB100W03M-SFV(2.8-12mm)

CCTV USB Camera 2.8-12mm Varifocal CS Lens

Component to work with XVS Mark Reader Software CCTV USB Camera 2.8-12mm Varifocal CS Lens  NT99141 MJPEG 30fps  1280*720 Mini Case  CMOS Web Camera With 3m Usb Cable

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Reference: XVSOPOP

XVS Mark Reader (OPOS) Software + License

XVS Mark Reader (OPOS) System is a powerful image recognition tool which works together with Eding CNC to allow perfect cutting of any printed job.  XVS works by using the camera attachment of your CNC machine to recognize special Marks on your drawings. The cutting job is then automatically aligned using those Marks. This product including XVS Mark...

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