Reference: HSK63FFK


HSK63F Tool Holder Clamp Fork/Cradle/Gripper

HSK63F Tool Holder Clamp Fork/Cradle/Gripper Tool holder forks for popular CNC machine tool racks High rigidity  Good resilience Explosion-proof Fire-resistant Anti-corrosion
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Reference: KB045080158005


Drag blade, flat-stock, Knife Blade ZUND Z10

Knife Blade Type Z10, 3910301 Drag blade, flat-stock, Max. cutting depth: 4.8 mm Angle: 50° Pre-cut: 0.84 x Tm Post-cut: 0.84 x Tm Max. cutting depth: 4.8 mm Knife thickness: 1.5 mm Knife material: HM/Carbide Applicable to cut :  Carbon fibre prepreg, Carpet,Corrugated plastic - PP,Expanded PVC,Fabric - Canvas,Fabric - Mesh,Fabric - Polyester,Foil /...
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Reference: HSK63F-ER32-70L


HSK63F Tool Holder/Collet Chuck ER32 DIN69893 Gage length 70mm

HSK63F Tool Holder Overall Rust-proof  Model:HSK63F-ER32-70L Standard:DIN69893 Collet Size:ER32 UM Gage length : 70mm (1.97 inches) Balance:G2.5 @ 30000 rpm Clamping jump accuracy: ≤ 0.008 Roundness : <0.8um Precision of ontology: < 0.003mm Carburized depth:> 0.8mm Product material:20 CrMnTi Hardness:HRC58-62 Vacuum quenching/integrally-formed/overall...
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Reference: ISO30-ER32-50L


ISO30 Tool holder/Collet Chuck ER32 HSD/HITECO Gage Length 50mm

DIN 6499B ISO30 ER32 UM Collet Chuck  Overall Rust-proof Model Collet Size ER32 UM, Pull Stud Inclu. Gage length : 50mm (1.97 inches) Balance Grade: G2.5 @ 30000 rpm Clamping jump accuracy: ≤ 0.008 Roundness : 0.8um Precision of ontology: < 0.003mm Carburized depth:> 0.8mm Material: 20CrMnTi Hardness: >HRC58~62 Vacuum...
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Reference: OZ25B_10H


Collet OZ, DIN 6388B Precision Collets 462E (OZ25B)

High quality collets OZ DIN 6388, made of spring steel, hardened and precision ground, type 462E (OZ25), form B.  Safe clamping of cylindrical tool shanks up to max. 0.5 mm below nominal diameter in chucks OZ according to DIN ISO 10897 B, formerly DIN 6388 B.  Size: OZ25B/EOC25B Material : 65Mn Alloyed Special Elastic Steel Hardness : HRC44-48 Accuracy:...
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Reference: KB042855015165


Oscillating blade – pointed ZUND Z60

Knife Blade Type Z60, 5201345 28x5.5x1.5mm CEL16.5mm Oscillating blade – pointed Max. cutting depth: 16.50 mm Angle: 82°/55° Pre-cut: 1.0 x Tm Post-cut: - Knife thickness: 1.5 mm Knife material: HM/Carbide Applicable to cut :  Corrugated cardboard, Corrugated plastic, Felt, Foam board / Foam,Folding carton, Leather hide, Rubber, Sandwich board Packing: 1...
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Reference: MSP01


Mist Coolant Lubrication Cooling Sprayer 300mm

Mist Coolant Lubrication Cooling Sprayer  Bend-and-Stay Coolant Hose Spray Port Material: Brass Nozzle Inner Diameter: 2.12mm Universal Joint Length: Approx. 300mm / 11.8in Liquid Inlet: Diameter 4mm Air Inlet: Diameter 8 mm The air consumption of the intake air can be adjusted freely Package List: 1 x Mist Coolant Lubrication Cooling Sprayer 1 x Water...
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Leadshine EL7-EC 1000W AC Servo Drive 220V, EtherCAT


AC Servo Driver EL7-EC1000F

Input Voltage : 220 VAC 1 ph

Command Source : EtherCAT

Rated Output Power : 1000W

Rated Output Current : 7 A

Max Out Put Current : 18.7 A

*One Year Warranty*

Brand : LeadShine, Made In China

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EL7-EC series AC servo drives are using the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chip and Intelligent Power Module (IPM) with compact components integration and great reliability. Using the best PID calculation for Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control, EL7-EC series products are the one to beat in this product category. In comparison to conventional pulse controlled servo drives, EL7-EC provides advantages as listed below. 

Lengthen communication range and lower electromagnetic interference

Due to the reliance of pulse command, pulse controlled servo drives could be easily disrupted by electromagnetic interferences. EtherCAT communication protocol provides fault detections limitations and error handling that makes communication more reliable over long distances.

Greater motion control

Trajectory generation can be done within the driver under non-cyclic synchronous mode. Controller only needs to deliver target position, velocity and acceleration commands to the driver. Drivers can then achieve greater control by applying feedforward to the commands.

Simplify complex wiring work

Using EtherCAT communication protocols, the connections between master device and slave stations can be realized using only LAN cables.

Reduce cost by lowering the requirement for more ports

Multiple axes control can be realized without requirement for more ports or pulse module on the master device/controller. Only a network port is needed to chain the axis controller (drivers) together in series.

Product Details
EL7-EC Manual V1.00

EL7-EC Series AC Servo Drive User Manual V1.00

Download (7.21MB)
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Reference: ASD-B2-0221-B

Brand: Delta Electronics

Delta B2 Servo Drive 200 W 220 V 1.55 Amrs

ASDA-B2 Series 200 W Phase / Voltage: Three-phase 170 ~ 255 VAC  , 50/60 Hz ±5% Single-phase 200 ~ 255 VAC  , 50/60 Hz ±5% Input Current (3PH) (Units: Arms):1.11 Input Current (1PH) (Units: Arms):1.92 Continuous Output Current (Units: Arms):1.55
Price €378.32*
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