Reference: ER32-4


DIN 6499B / ISO 15488 Precision ER32 Collets Runout TIR 0.008mm

Size - 4.0, Clamping range - 4.0 – 3.0mm Size - 6.0, Clamping range - 6.0 – 5.0mm Size - 8.0, Clamping range - 8.0 – 7.0mm Size - 12.0, Clamping range - 12.0 – 11.0mm Size - 1/8", Clamping range - 0.125 – 0.1154 inch Size - 1/2'', Clamping range - 0.461 – 0.500 inch Precision ER32 Collets Run out TIR 8μm Standard: DIN 6499B / ISO 15488...

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Reference: ISO30-ER32-50L


ISO30 Tool holder/Collet Chuck ER32 HSD/HITECO

ISO30 Tool Holder Overall Rust-proof Model Collet Size ER32, Pull Stud Inclu. Balance Grade: G2.5 @ 30000 rpm Clamping jump accuracy: ≤ 0.008 Roundness : 0.8um Precision of ontology: < 0.003mm Carburized depth:> 0.8mm Material: 20CrMnTi Hardness: >HRC58~62 Vacuum quenching/integrally-formed/overall surface rust-proof handling Made In China, 1 piece per...

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Reference: UMWER25


UM WRENCH ER16/20/25/32/40

Spindle Wrench UM Type ER wrench ER16 ER20 ER25 ER32 ER40 Collet Chuck Spanner Made from 5mm thick high quality alloy steel Short length handle ensures collet nut is not overtightened Works on Hex style collet nuts

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Reference: LA38-11ZS

Emergency Stop PushButton 22mm 1NO/1NC

LA38-11ZS EM-stop Button Voltage : <=440V  10A Panel cutout diameter : 22mm Diameter of mushroom cap: 40mm Contact type : 1NO (Normally Open) 1NC (Normally Close) Made In China

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Reference: RT18-32-1P

Brand: Delixi electric

DELIXI RT18-32 DIN Rail Mount Fuse Base 32A 1P/2P/3P

DELIXI RT18-32 Fuse Base AC 380V 32A  DIN Rail Mount cylinder base  Suitable for 10x38MM FUSE  Without indicator light Rated voltage: 380-500V AC Rated current: 2-125A Ics kA: 100Ka Certificate: CE/CCC 35mm Guideway Installation 

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Reference: KB054606007


Oscillating Blade Knife Type Aristo 7354

Free Shipping in Germany Knife Type:  Round shank blades oscillating Suitable for Aristo 7354 Knife Length : 46,00 mm Shank diameter: 6mm MAX. Cutting Depth : 25,00 mm Applicable to cut : foam board, foamboard w/ paper surface, foam materials, foam materials, soft foam board, corrugated board, packaging material MADE IN CHINA

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Reference: MSA20SSSFCN

Brand: PMI

PMI20 Square Sliding Block & Carriage MSA-S Heavy Load

Model No.: MSA 20 S SS FCN Series : MSA Sze: 20 Carriage type : S square type Dust protection : SS (Bidirectional end seal+Bottom seal) Preload: FC (light prelod) Accuracy grade : N  / Made in Taiwan

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3 pcs x Mo Reflective Mirror Dia30/ET3mm for 40~100W CO2 laser


NAMICAM Selected Product, 3 pieces per pack

Molybdenum is the extremely tough surface, which makes it ideal for the most demanding operating environments, normally offered uncoated, suitable for 40W ~ 100W CO2 Laser Tubes. 

Dia30mm, ET3mm, Uncoated

High reflectivity, good design and machining surface

High anti damage threshold

Good surface shape, less than 1/4 wavelength 

High reflectivity: more than 96%. 

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Molybdenum Reflector 

The molybdenum mirror is used as the tail mirror or turn back mirror in the laser and the turning mirror in the external optical system. The wear-resistant surface of the molybdenum mirror is suitable for many special physical environments. Generally, the molybdenum mirror is not coated in the low-power laser. 

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Reference: GSI_HLC60

Brand: GSI

RECI W1 Substitute GSI HLC60 CO2 Laser Tube 60W peak power 75W

Pre-order Product, the goods will ship from Germany before 20th,June,2022 12 months warranty GSI 60W CO2 Laser Tube, Made In China, substitute for RECI W1 GSI HLC60, 60W~75W, Length1000mm/Dia80mm Working Time ≥ 45000 hours Standard wooden crate packing

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